Slice of Life #4: Keepsake

Idea: Instagram has taken over the captured moments that individuals treasure, mostly because cellphone cameras are good enough and always connected to the Internet for instantaneous uploading. But cellphone photography has taken away the beauty of living in the moment, because god forbid we miss that shot.

I fall victim to it as well. Kodak moments are special and capturing beauty gives one the sense of momentary accomplishment. There has got to be a billion dollar idea in a company that provides photo services for events so that their guests can compliment their Instagrams with professional photos of memorable moments of concerts, sporting events, and parties.

Imagine flipping through a digital book of sorts that interweaves your Instagram photos (using location and timestamps) into a digital scrapbook. For example: a trip to Yankee’s game would display a spread of the shot of you and your buddy with a hotdog and beer, a professional photo (think: here’s your number to see your photo after the game) of you in front of the Babe Ruth monument, an aerial shot of Yankee Stadium, and a couple captured turning points in the game. Perhaps even a box score and your digital ticket stubs.

How does the company make money? Service contracts with organizations. MLB, Ticketmaster, or the Yankees would pay for this value-added service because it creates impetus for creating more memories in the future. These contracts would pay for portrait photographers to take personal photos and to purchase rights to quality photos of the events.

Bonus: Imagine if artists were paid to bring back the lost art of ticket design.

Contact me if you’d like further consulting on this idea. I think it’s a real winner.

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