Unfiltered noise damages a democracy

Excellent piece from Jackson Diehl that filters out the noise and gets to the real and nonpartisan issues of Benghazi.

The common thread here is not just the climate of intense partisanship in which media and politicians from the left dismiss what the right insists is a scandal of historic proportions — or vice-versa. It is the diversion of what should be serious, bipartisan discussion about government failings. The Bush administration, after all, did wrongly conclude that Iraq was hiding chemical weapons and trying to revive its nuclear program. For its part the Obama administration didn’t provide enough security to the Libya mission or adequately prepare for an emergency in post-revolution North Africa.

It’s worrisome when foreign policy gets to the point that it is so partisan that the grandstanding could endanger our national security. Moreso, when the media no longer knows how to properly filter the signal from the noise.

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