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fox@fury on the apps missing from iPad.

Do the iPad’s missing apps point to a multitasking dashboard?

Far more interesting though are the simple apps that are missing from the promotional materials: Stocks, Weather, Voice Memo, Clock, and Calculator. With the exception of Voice Memo these are all basic apps that have been staples from the very beginning, and it makes no sense that they wouldn’t be on the iPad, so why are they absent? I see two options, one of which is far, far more interesting than the other.

It’s a good read, and I agree in Fox’s view that these apps are too obvious to be left out. However, I don’t quite think he’s found the solution. It doesn’ keep computing simplistic enough, as I see as iPad’s MO.

✁ Thoughts on iPad I haven’t heard elsewhere

Seems like everyone and there niece has their initial impressions of iPad, so I’ll make this quick. I’m not going to rehash things said before, only ideas that seemed obvious to me, but haven’t really been talking points on the web since Wednesday.